Fun-loving vintage bike seeks equally adorable rider


Have you ever used Spinlister? It’s a new (to me) service that’s just getting off the ground here in Portland! You can rent your bike to someone for a few hours, days, or even weeks and make a little extra pocket money. You just need a picture of your bike, a description, and then figure out how much you want to charge. Then a renter can reach out to you and the process moves along from there.

I used Spinlister to rent out my bike for the first time this weekend, and it went super smoothly. I rented it to a cute gal from San Francisco– apparently she and her friends who were visiting all used Spinlister to score some sweet rides to cruise around town. I set her up with my bike, freshly pumped tires, my purple helmet, and some lights. When I watched her ride away, a small part of me thought, wow, this may be the last time I ever see my darling bike. But this story has a happy ending! My bike and all the accessories came back just fine, and I’m $37.13 richer for it. I think I’ll put it towards upgrading to some upright handlebars.

Anyone wanna come by take the bike for a spin? Check out my Spinlister profile here. This bike looks fun too, if you have a buddy!

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